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    Sunday, 3 September 2017

    The Problem of Unemployment in Pakistan Essay

    The Problem of Unemployment in Pakistan

    • Unemployment is a worldwide reality.
    • Even able persons are forced to remain idle.
    • The registers of employment exchanges show an alarming situation.
    • It has become a great challenge for our leaders, thinkers, planners and economists.
    • Unemployed persons can only increase frustration.
    • The excessive use of machinery has reduced the scope of human labour.
    • Defective system of education and improper use of natural resources have increased unemployment.
    • Government should chalk out a firm programme to reduce unemployment.
    The Problem of Unemployment in Pakistan Essay
    The problem of unemployment is a worldwide reality. The developed countries like the U.S, England, France, Germany, Italy, etc. also suffer from his problem, but more pronounced in Pakistan. With the passage of time, it becomes worse. It has become a threat to Pakistan’s economy and social development. It is one of the major causes of our poverty, backwardness, crimes, and frustration among the people. Because of large scale unemployment, there is a large waste of manpower. There are capable and willing hands but there is no suitable employment for them. They are forced to remain idle.
    The ever-increasing number of job seekers on the registers of employment exchanges shows how alarming and serious this problem has become in the recent years. The number of the unemployed people registered with the employment exchanges in the country, just gives a rough idea of the problem, because all the job seekers and unemployed persons do not get themselves registered with the employment exchanges. Moreover, there are no employment exchanges in the villages and rural areas of the country.
    There are hundreds of young men and women waiting and waiting for job opportunities. This chronic problem of unemployment is not confined to any particular class, segment or society. It is all pervading. There is massive unemployment among educated, well-trained and skilled people. It is a problem which presents a great challenge to our leaders, thinkers, planners, economist, industrialists, and educationists. It demands its immediate remedy because it threatens the peace, prosperity, and stability of free Pakistan.
    A frustrated and unemployed man or woman can prove a very dangerous person. He or she will never allow others to live in peace and happiness. Many of our law and order problems are directly linked to this problem of unemployment among our young men and women.
    There are many causes of this serious problem. The use of machinery on large scale in production is a very important cause. It has reduced the scope for human labor to a great extent. Another cause is the enormous increase in population. Hence the means of employment cannot keep pace with the growing population.
    The defective system of our education is also responsible for this serious problem. We attach great importance to literary education. We neglect the technical education. Our young men think it below their dignity to do physical labor. The desk jobs are insufficient to absorb the growing number of educated young men. Hence unemployment prevails in the country.
    To get rid of this problem we have to develop our economy on modern lines. Our agriculture system is backward. Incentive cultivation with modern techniques and impro­­­­­­­ved manners can provide fruitful employment.
    Moreover, we should develop our cottage industries. Our peasants who remain idle for six months during the year can add to their income by taking to some of these useful industries. Less capital and more manpower are required by such industries.
    Our government is making efforts to solve it as early as possible. The National Planning Commission has already formulated a program to solve unemployment. The government should promote self-employment. It means to create opportunities for individuals. If the government introduces a policy of self-employment, people will participate and help the government in reducing unemployment in Pakistan.

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